This album was recorded in 2002, and was a first attempt at doing worship music in a jazz context. We recorded to 2" tape and live in the studio with 4 people. Later, I overdubbed a bunch to two of those songs.

Then, a couple of demos I had created for other purposes ended up being added (Hallelujah-Your Love is Amazing & For Such a Time as This), PLUS the final 8th track had a long silence after, and then a bonus track starts (This is Just Another Day).

Finally Paul Falgout and the wonderful Otterball did a phenomenal design for cover, website, and other associated things.


Produced by Austin
Recorded at Sunrise Studios, Dewlen Studios, and Critical Mass Studios
Tracking Engineers- Cedrick Courtois, Willie Dewlen, Austin
Mixing Engineer- Skip Burrows, except “For Such a Time as This” mixed by Cedrick Courtois
Mastered by Skip Burrows @ Sunrise Sound

Austin sang lead & most of the background vocals, played all keyboards, trumpet, acoustic guitar and programming. Also, played bass on Blood & Water, So Close, and For Such a Time as This
Ashley Perkins sang the duet on For Such a Time as This as well as the female harmonies.
Alan Dossett played all the drums and live percussion
Kelly Dean played all saxophones and flute
Anthony Sapp played bass
Sammy Hundley played all electric guitar and sang harmony on So Close.
Danna Barnes sang harmony on So Close
Erika Johnson played on Cello on So Close & Blood & Water

Graphic Design, concept, implementation- Otterball - Brandon Wilson, Paul Falgout

Another Day (bonus track)
Written by Charles Poisall
© 2004 Baby Biel Music

© 2004 Critical Mass Music

For the musicians (singers are musicians too!) who helped me, I cannot thank you enough for donating your incredible talents for my little project. You were all brilliant!!!

Special thanks and appreciation to:
Danna, Alan, and Brandy who put up with endless conversations with me in lieu of hiring a producer
To the many pastors, churches, and ministries that have supported me,
To Pastor Allen Green, for all that you have taught me…about God….worship….and life
My uncle Charles, for inspiring me early on to create music. I hope to honor you and your influence with the bonus track
Mike & Rachel Valka for their ongoing support, and being there for me when I needed them
To my parents Richard & Lynn Biel, without whose support and love, I would be working a “real” job... seriously, I can’t thank you enough for everything
To my kids, Rebekah Jazz, Melody Rivers, and Tenor Conrad, for giving me love, inspiration, and joy unspeakable
To my lovely wife Brandy, for the patience you’ve shown waiting for me to be obedient to God, and the undeserved, unconditional love you show me constantly
To God, for allowing me the space to do what I love unto You, for providing a way where there is no way, and for sending Your son to show me The Way back to You

John 4:24
Mark 4:23