Encounter - Full Album on YouTube

With Alan Dossett, Milton Comeaux & Terry Peoples and a team of intercessors led by Mark Williamson, Austin recorded an all-spontaneous instrumental set of prophetic intercessory music in 2007 in Houston, Tx.

Encounter invites us on a journey with God and each other. As the recording of a spontaneous session of worship, praise and open spiritual communication, the project captures a sense of the ebb and flow of relationship through sound.

The idea behind the project was to create a sequel to Austin’s Piano To Pray With series. The studio environment was set up to create space for intercessors who could pray, dance, pace, walk, and lay hands on the musicians and the musical parameters were expanded from Piano To Pray With to include percussion, drums and bass. The final release is approximately the first hour of a four-hour worship session that had no agenda other than to encounter God through worship.

As you listen and engage with the music and God’s movement through it, a story is heard and a message unfolds. God’s rhythms and our responses, His calls and our cries all comprise an experiential musical drama that leads into His presence.

Through moments of grace, warfare, praise, peace, intimacy and heartfelt expression, we have offered up an expression of ourselves to God. Our hope is that an expression of God is then offered through us to you. Thank you for joining us in this encounter.