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my background

I've been making music since I started piano lessons at 6 years old. I love teaching and have been doing so privately and in classroom settings throughout my career.

My wife and are empty nesters of three children but no grandchildren yet... <sigh>.

Musically, I started with classical piano and progressed to jazz and pop music as a teenager. In junior high, playing trumpet in band progressed to playing bass in jazz ensemble. Finally, acoustic guitar satisfied my need for something to play songs with that was more portable than a keyboard.

Initially, my desire to be a studio session musician resulted in pursuing a wide variety of musical skills, instruments, and segments of the music world. From arranging and composing for orchestra and rap albums, to audio engineering/consulting and music typesetting, my experience became very diverse. Loving so many styles of music, I played professionally such diverse things as salsa piano, folk guitar, jazz bass, and funk drumming. I also love teaching and have developed curricula for several schools as well as guest-taught at numerous universities and conferences.

career highlights:

  • international touring with multiple artists and bands, 45 countries
  • record producer with 100+ projects and developed producer curriculum for audio trade school
  • conference speaker and guest university instructor all over the world teaching music and creativity
  • skill on multiple instruments and styles as well as extensive experience in the world of audio and teaching music theory

teaching highlights:

I traveled quite a bit as a guest teacher/speaker, so an exhaustive list is not practical. Some highlights include:

  • Oral Roberts University - Tulsa  (8 years in multiple roles)
  • Southeastern University - Florida
  • MediaTech Institute - Texas
  • LPI Hernhutt - Germany (3 months)
  • Created to Worship - England (2 years)
  • and of course, numerous conferences, clinics, workshops all over the place

I've been asked numerous times "how many instruments do you play?" Well, I can get around on most anything. However, I don't play anything bowed (like violin or cello) nor the steel guitar. The instruments I teach are those I have the most background and have played professionally with.

Please contact me if you have any questions, I would love to talk with you!





My wife and I recently moved back to the Houston area, and while I will resume performing later I am focused on teaching here and putting down roots in the community.

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email me:  austinteachesmusic@gmail.com

leave voicemail or txt message - 832-452-7798