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I believe in teaching from a focus on alighting the creativity in everyone, followed by a push towards maturity in that artistry.

Young and old, any aspiring musician will take ownership of music that they create themselves, and spur them towards working on technique in order to refine and grow their own creativity.

Thus, learning other people's music (repertoire) is important as a path of learning towards being creative.

Learning and drawing from different disciplines and techniques, as well as approaching things holistically gives one a larger amount of seeds to choose from for launching their own creativity.

I love getting back to basics and connecting with younger students as well as diving deep with older students and more mature artists while drawing on my diverse background as an artists' coach.

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Some people have said...
Jeff T
Guitar · In home

Austin, has been an amazing guitar instructor!!! I find Austin to be many things some of which range from extremely knowledgeable, talented musician, patient, understanding and an excellent communicator of the information he is relaying to get you to another level. Thank you.

Sarah P

Acoustic Guitar · In home
My son is not always the easiest to work with....that being said, Austin has worked beautifully with him. We look forward to more lessons to come. Austin has been kind, positive, easy to communicate with, and patient.

Leonard Jones - Director, Morningstar School of Worship
...He is also one of the best teachers I've ever known and able to impart very complicated and deep truths in a very understandable manner.

David H
[Austin Biel] would be considered a master craftsman. He has a mastery of his subject and an innate capacity to connect with each student

Jackie Q
Piano· In studio
Mr. Austin is such an awesome piano instructor! His love of music can directly be seen on how he teaches his students, he knows how to unfold their innate abilities, from proper finger placement to composing their own song. His constructive, subtle critique makes his students eager to learn more. A 5 star rating to a mentor who aptly utilizes the A-Z of music!

Alyssa G

Piano · In studio
Austin has been a great teacher. As an adult student I can recognize and appreciate the different ways he tries to make sure you fully comprehend the lesson. It has only been a month, but I have learned so much more than I anticipated at this time. Thanks Austin!

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